Bernd-Günther Harmann

Dr. rer. nat. (Ph.D. in Physics)
Dr. oec. HSG (Ph.D. in Technology Management)
Magister iuris (MJur)
Diplom-Physiker (equiv. to B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Physics)
Diplom-Kaufmann (equiv. to B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Management/Business Administration)
Diplom-Volkswirt (equiv. to B.A. and M.A. in Economics/Monetary Politics)
Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Informatics

Patent Attorney (Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany)
European Patent & Trademark Attorney
European Patent Litigator

Managing Director Vaduz
Member of Managing Board Vaduz and St. Gallen

Head of Legal, Exploitation and Strategy


Economic aspects relating to intellectual property rights, particularly fiscal and strategic aspects of the exploitation of protective rights as well as evaluation of protective rights

General patent consulting, patent applications, patent prosecution, infringement analysis, patent validity analysis, freedom to operate analysis and invalidation of patents

Professional Experience


Project leader at Institute of Technology Management (ITEM-HSG) at St. Gallen University (HSG)

Employment in an international public accounting and auditing firm, focusing on revision of data processing systems and company valuation

Three years of military service, including training as an army officer

Academic Education

Doctorate in Experimental Physics at University Hamburg with a doctoral thesis about: "Plasma-Surface Interactions in High-Frequency Plasma Sources"

Doctorate in Business Administration (technology management) at St. Gallen University with a doctoral thesis about: "Patents as Strategic Instruments in the Management of Technological Discontinuities"

Studies of Physics at Universities of Giessen and Hamburg, specialising in the fields of atomic and molecular physics, microanalysis and plasma physics; Degree: Diplom-Physiker

Studies of Business Administration and Economics at Universities of Giessen, Hamburg and Hagen, specialising in the fields of operations research, business informatics and monetary policy; Degrees: Diplom-Kaufmann and Diplom-Volkswirt

Studies of Law at Linz University, specialising in the field of company law; Degree: Magister iuris

Studies of Applied Informatics at University of Giessen; Degree: Certificate

Current and Former Teaching Activities

Lecturer for Business Administration at St. Gallen University

Lecturer for Patent Law and Exploitation of Protective Rights at University of Liechtenstein

Lecturer for Intellectual Property at Academy of Liechtenstein and at NTB Buchs

Professional Memberships

Council member of European Patent Institute (epi) for Liechtenstein
President of Liechtenstein Patent Attorneys’ Association (LIPAV)
Substitute member of epi Litigation Committee
Member of Examination Board for patent attorneys (Liechtenstein)

LIPAV - Liechtensteinischer Patentanwaltsverband (Liechtenstein Patent Attorneys’ Association)
Deutsche Patentanwaltskammer – German Patent Lawyers’ Association
VESPA - Verband der freiberuflichen Europäischen und Schweizer Patentanwälte (Association of Freelance European and Swiss Patent Attorneys)
epi - European Patent Institute
INGRES - Institut für gewerblichen Rechtsschutz (Institute for Industrial Property Rights)
LES - Licensing Executives Society
DPG - Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (German Society of Physicists)
IFA - International Fiscal Association
RAILS Robotics & AI Law Society


German, English